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Introduction Of Titanium Equipment

Titanium is a completely non-toxic metal.
It is a top aerospace material that can adapt to the harsh conditions of outer space and is used for medical devices that can be safely implanted as part of the body.
The wall thickness of titanium products is the thinnest in metal utensils, titanium surface is not easy to scale can reduce the thermal resistance, so that the heat transfer performance of titanium is significantly improved. When the bottom of the titanium pot is heated, the heat will quickly pass through the bottom of the pot to the pot, and the left and right conduction will be very slow, so the temperature of the titanium pot handle will be very low, and the pot will be heated quickly. Titanium corrosion resistant, as equipment materials of high quality material。

What Is Titanium Equipment Used For

Low Density

High Specific Strength

Good Corrosion Resistance

Good Process Performance

Professional Titanium Equipment Manufacturer

Suntech Equipment is specialized in designing and fabricating process equipment and piping made of exotic metals, such as Nickel Alloy, Titanium Alloy, Copper-Nickel Alloy, Zirconium, Super Stainless Steel and their clad materials. Our company’s main products include heat-exchangers, reactors, towers, storage tanks, piping and etc., which are widely used in such fields as chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, power, electronics, sea-engineering and environmental protection, etc. Our company provides design and manufacturing solutions, products and services for global top 50 chemical customers, domestic and international engineering companies as well as industry end users. Our products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asian countries and regions.

Why Choose Suntech's Titanium Equipment

Suntech Equipment possesses manufacture license of special equipment of P. R. China, ASME U stamp, NB stamp and certification, and PED certifications. 
Adhering to the quality guideline of ‘quality-oriented, scientific management, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction’, our company has established a sound quality assurance system, and passed the certification of ISO9001:2015 quality management system, ISO14001:2015 environmental management system, as well as ISO45001:2018 occupational health and safety management system certified by American Bureau of Shipping.

Information About Titanium Equipment

Other Products Of Suntech

Latest News Of Titanium Equipment

titanium equipment news
20220618-Suntech Equipment held 5th Anniversary Banquet in on 25 June 2022

On the evening of 25 June 2022, Suntech Equipment held the 5th anniversary banquet in Ho Man Tang Hotel in Nanjing. On this occasion, Suntech Equipment would like to express her heartfelt thanks to all employees.

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Articles 2022/07/06
202205010- Zirconium equipment of Xinjiang Project with 40,000 tons of formaldehyde completed and delivered

We are fortunate to design and manufacture two sets of zirconium TOX reactor reboiler for a polyformaldehyde project in Xinjiang. TOX reactor reboiler is one of the core equipment of the whole plant.

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Articles 2022/05/10
20220506-Covestro (China) Shanghai lotus project 19 units completed and delivered

We are honored to participate in costitron China's Lotus project in Shanghai. We designed and manufactured 19 sets of process equipment for the project in the form of heat exchangers, half-tube reactors and towers made of 2205 duplex steel and 316L stainless steel. The Lotus project is cost-driven,

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Articles 2022/05/07
20220126-Suntech held 2021 Year-end Summary Banquet

We wish you all good health, happiness and good luck in the Year of the Tiger!

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Articles 2022/01/26
20220103-2507 Reactor delivered to a customer in The UK

We have the honor to participate in the bactericide expansion project of a British company, designing and manufacturing 6 sets of half pipe reactors made of super duplex steel 2507. Because the equipment has half pipe, the customer has the following extremely high requirements for half pipe welding:

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Articles 2022/01/05
What do you know about a special metal pressure vessel?

A special metal pressure vessel is a kind of closed vessel that can withstand pressure. In recent years, special metal pressure vessels have received more and more attention, and are being used by more and more enterprises in production. How much do you know about special metal pressure vessels?

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Articles 2022/07/05
What are the safe operation requirements for special metal pressure vessels?

Many people may only know about special metal pressure vessels, but they do not know how to use them properly. For those who use special metal pressure vessels for the first time, it is very important to understand and be familiar with the safe operation requirements of special metal pressure vessels.

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Articles 2022/06/30
What are the operating conditions of non-ferrous metal pressure vessels?

​The non-ferrous metal pressure vessel is a kind of container made of non-ferrous metal materials, mostly used for storage and transportation of light, corrosion-resistant, chemical reaction, and other special requirements of the occasion. Here we will go together to understand what is a non-ferrous metal pressure vessel.

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Articles 2022/06/28
How to choose non-ferrous metal pressure vessels?

​Non-ferrous metal pressure vessels as a more common type of equipment in the process of modern industrial development, in the current stage, to ensure efficient industrial production plays an irreplaceable role. With the continuous progress of modern science and technology and industrial modernization level, industrial production for non-ferrous metal pressure vessel equipment requirements is increasingly high. Based on this, this paper focuses on the knowledge of non-ferrous metal pressure vessels.

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Articles 2022/06/21
How much do you know about non-ferrous metal equipment?

​There are various kinds of non-ferrous metal equipment, among which non-ferrous metal sorting equipment is of particular concern. Here we will focus on explaining how non-ferrous metal equipment can achieve the sorting function.

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Articles 2022/06/16
Do you understand what is a special metal pressure vessel?

Special metal pressure vessels are a comprehensive product involving multiple industries and disciplines and are widely used especially in the chemical industry. Although it seems to have little to do with our lives, we also need to understand what exactly is a special metal pressure vessel.

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Articles 2022/06/14
Do you know what non-ferrous metal equipment is?

​In recent years, non-ferrous metal equipment is getting more and more attention and favor. However, many people do not know what non-ferrous metal equipment is. The following will give you a detailed introduction of what non-ferrous metal equipment is.

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Articles 2022/06/09
Do you know what is the exotic metal equipment - lithium battery recycling equipment?

​The exotic metal equipment - lithium battery recovery equipment is a kind of equipment used to recover rare metal lithium. The following will introduce how to complete the recovery of rare metals in lithium batteries with exotic metal equipment.

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Articles 2022/06/07
20211127-Covestro(Thailand) Phosgene heat exchanger completed and delivered

NDI, naphthalene diisocyanate, is prepared from naphthalene by nitration, hydrogenation reduction and phosgenation. This process was invented by Covestro, formerly Bayer, in Germany.We are honored to participate in Covestro’s 4000 t/a NDI project in Thailand, designing and manufacturing 10 sets of p

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Articles 2021/12/08
20211126-Ore China&Ore Italia Desulfurization tower spray pipe replacement support

Our top priority is customer satisfaction. This enables us to build strong long-term relationships with our customers based on trust, values, and good communication. We are a professional marine scrubber manufacturing and maintenance company, recognized by our valuable ship-owners and marine scrubbe

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Articles 2021/11/30
What are the advantages of a nickel alloy tank?

The nickel element has good chemicals and properties and it is suitable to use in making storage tank products. The nickel has good malleability, ductility, a good conductor of heat and electricity, and high melting and boiling point. The nickel element is a silver and white color appearance. The ne

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Articles 2022/03/31
Use of nickel alloy tanks

Nickel alloy tank project is the petroleum, chemical, grain and oil, food, fire, transportation, metallurgy, national defense, and other industries essential infrastructure, our economic life is always inseparable from the large and small nickel alloy tanks, pinch alloy storage tanks in the developm

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Articles 2022/03/29
Rust removal method for Hastelloy columns

Hastelloy columns can be 100% recycled, in line with the national strategy of environmental protection, energy-saving, and resource conservation. The main uses are on high pressure and high-temperature pipes and equipment such as power plants, nuclear power, high-pressure boilers, high-temperature s

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Articles 2022/03/28
Why choose to use a nickel alloy separator?

Nickel alloy separator is used to detect and separate all metals, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, mixed in food, pharmaceuticals, plastics, chemical materials, food ingredients, and other industries. Timely separation of metal impurities, reduce downtime maintenance accidents, increase eff

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Articles 2022/04/06
Incoloy reactor dosing method

Incoloy reactor dosing methodIncoloy reactors are made using top-quality alloys and are considered to be of an unparalleled standard. The reactor is ideal for aggressive or very hot acid applications including sulfuric and hydrochloric acids. The quality of this product is assured by the use of supe

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Articles 2022/03/24



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