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20220126-Suntech held 2021 Year-end Summary Banquet

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Time is a song, time is a dream, and time is flowing like water. The harvest drums are waking up a new year, and blooming plums are announcing the coming of spring.

On the evening of January 22, 2022, the 2021 Year-End Summary Banquet of Nanjing Suntech Metal Equipment Co., Ltd was held in Hemantang Hotel in Nanjing!


At the beginning of the dinner, Mr. David Zhang, the GM of Suntech Equipment, made a speech on stage and shared with everyone: Looking back on 2021, it was a difficult year! Facing torrent and obstacles, Suntech team did not forget their original aspirations, striving to forge ahead, and finally saw the silver line behind clouds! Without hardships, harvest would not be so beautiful, without a fall, success would not be so wonderful. Looking forward to 2022, Suntech team will keep on breaking through and innovating!


Under the leadership of the company's management team, all the staff of our company overcame difficulties in year 2021. During the banquet, outstanding individuals, departments and teams were rewarded. Their enthusiasm, diligence and efforts are promoting growth of Suntech!


All of us enjoyed the banquet and party. Some silent employees turned to sparkling stars in the party by singing and dancing! Everyone happily participated in the game interaction and lottery activities, drinking intoxicatedly, expecting the coming of the New Year.


The themes of touching, warm, inspiring and full participating ran through of the whole banquet. Farewell to yesterday, we will stand at a new starting point, embracing tomorrow, we will write a more beautiful future. In 2022, the Suntech team believes that tomorrow will be better and better!

We wish you all good health, happiness and good luck in the Year of the Tiger!



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