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Properties and applications of titanium pipes

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Titanium pipe, as one of the most important components of titanium alloy heat exchanger, plays an important role in titanium alloy heat exchanger, so what are the characteristics of titanium pipe? Compared with other metal pipes, what are the advantages of titanium pipes embodied in them? Let's discuss it in detail.

Here is the content list:

  • The types of Titanium pipes

  • The application characteristics of Titanium pipes

  • Application range of titanium pipe

The types of titanium pipes

There are several types of titanium coils: titanium serpentine pipe, titanium U-shaped pipe, spiral titanium pipe, spring titanium pipe, titanium shaped pipe, titanium column pipe, etc. The basic specifications of titanium pipe are pipe diameter 25-114, wall thickness 0.5-6.0. titanium pipe is mainly used for the heating and cooling of the container, the fixed way of titanium pipe is divided into 2 kinds of detachable and non-detachable, which depends on the material medium and the corrosion of titanium pipe, but in the design mainly detachable type, which is convenient for the maintenance and cleaning of titanium pipe.

The application characteristics of titanium pipes

There are many application characteristics of titanium pipes. Firstly, titanium pipes have excellent corrosion resistance in many media, thus the walls can be relatively thin and improve heat transfer. Titanium is a very active metal, its equilibrium potential is very low, the thermodynamic corrosion tendency in the medium is large. But in fact, titanium in many media is very stable, such as titanium in oxidizing, neutral and weakly reducing media is corrosion-resistant. This is because titanium and oxygen have a great affinity, in the air or oxygen-containing media, titanium surface to generate a layer of dense, strong adhesion, inert oxide film, protecting the titanium substrate from corrosion. Even due to mechanical wear will quickly self-heal or regenerate. Secondly, the surface of the titanium pipe is bright and clean, without a scale layer. Thirdly, titanium pipe has a low density and high strength, thus lightweight. The density of titanium metal is 4.51g/cm3, which is higher than aluminum and lower than steel, copper, and nickel, but the specific strength is located at the top of the metal.

Application range of titanium pipes  

Titanium pipe is widely used in the chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, power generation, seawater desalination, salt production, titanium coil is also used in the production of titanium dioxide, glycine, pesticide, fuel chemical, pesticide intermediates, cyanuric acid, and other industries. Titanium pipes can be seen in all walks of life. It is worth mentioning here that the specifications, volume size, and main parameters of titanium pipes can be customized according to the requirements of the demand side to provide convenience for the demand side as much as possible.

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