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Characteristics and functions of zirconium reactor

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The zirconium pressure vessel is broadly understood that there is a physical or chemical reaction of stainless steel vessels, according to the needs of different process conditions for the structural design and parameters configuration of the vessel, design conditions, process, inspection and manufacturing, acceptance need to be based on relevant technical standards to achieve the process requirements of heating, evaporation, cooling and low-speed mixing and matching reaction function. Now we will introduce the standards and structure of the zirconium reactor to you.

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  • What are the standards of the zirconium reactor?

  • What is the structure of the zirconium reactor?

What are the standards of the zirconium reactor?

The zirconium pressure vessel must follow the standard of GB150 {steel pressure vessel} and the atmospheric zirconium pressure vessel must follow the standard of NB/T47003.1-2009 {steel welded atmospheric pressure vessel}. The pressure requirements of the reaction process vary with the design requirements of the vessel. The production must be processed, tested, and test run in strict accordance with the corresponding standards. Stainless steel reactor According to different production processes, operating conditions, etc. are not the same, the design structure and parameters of the reactor are different, i.e. the structure style of the reactor is different, which is non-standard vessel equipment.

What is the structure of the zirconium reactor?

The zirconium pressure vessel is composed of a kettle body, cover, jacket, stirrer, transmission device, shaft sealing device, and support. When the stirring device is large in height and diameter, multi-layer stirring paddles are available, and they can also be optional according to the user's requirements. A jacket is set outside the kettle wall, or a heat exchange surface is set inside the vessel, and heat exchange can also be carried out through external circulation. The support seat has support type or ear type support, etc. Gear reducer is recommended for speeds over 160 rpm. The number of openings, specifications, or other requirements can be designed and made according to user requirements.

1. Normally, a packing seal is used under normal pressure or low pressure, and the general pressure is less than 2kg.

2. In general, a mechanical seal will be used under medium pressure or vacuum, and the general pressure is negative pressure or 4 kg.

3. In the case of high pressure or high volatility of the medium will use of magnetic seals, a general pressure of more than 14 kg or more. In addition to the magnetic seal are used to cool down the water, other forms of seals in more than 120 degrees will increase the cooling water jacket.

It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to produce a zirconium reactor that meets the standards, to ensure the safety of the electricity supply and the healthy development of the cable market. Nanjing Shengde metal equipment Co., Ltd. conducts many tests on zirconium reactors for connection before they leave the factory, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you are in the zirconium reactor business, you can consider our cost-effective products.



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