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20220506-Covestro (China) Shanghai lotus project 19 units completed and delivered

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We are honored to participate in Covestro China's Lotus project in Shanghai. We designed and manufactured 19 sets of process equipment for the project in the form of heat exchangers, half-tube reactors and towers made of 2205 duplex steel and 316L stainless steel.  The Lotus project is cost-driven, but Covestro requirements for this batch of equipment are still high:  

1、Ferrite should be measured in different parts of different batches of 2205 dual-phase steel plate, requiring 40%~60%;  

2、2205 dual-phase steel plate raw material solution state, with heat treatment curve;  

3、2205 duplex steel plate, forgings, pipes by batch corrosion test, according to ISO or ASTM A923;  

4、2205 dual-phase steel cold deformation rate more than 10% or hot processing to heat treatment;  

5、The heat exchange tube ET/UT/ need to cut the head, and to Shengde and Kosichuang witness;  

6、Equipment flange, tube plate, nominal diameter ≥500 flange sealing surface, need to be welded to the equipment for secondary processing;  

7、Product test plate and equipment on the weld, ferrite requirements of 35%~65%; 

8、The inner and outer surface requirements of small R arc of head PT, according to customer specifications;  

9、 Fillet weld between half pipe and shell shall be RT, and defects shall not be allowed;  

10、 Stainless steel surface paint requirements;  


During the eight-month design, manufacturing and inspection process, we overcame many difficulties, including the COVID-19 pandemic, power cuts and other difficulties, and stood up to the inspection of Covestro owners and third parties, and finally realized the smooth delivery.  

This project tested the ability and execution of the team, and also made the company and Covestro to deepen cooperation on future projects  Solid foundation.  



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