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20220618-Suntech Equipment held 5th Anniversary Banquet in on 25 June 2022

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  On the evening of 25 June 2022, Suntech Equipment held the 5th anniversary banquet in Ho Man Tang Hotel in Nanjing. On this occasion, Suntech Equipment would like to express her heartfelt thanks to all employees, customers, suppliers and related organizations that support the development of our company!


  Adhering to the original development intention, Suntech Equipment has made progress in all aspects. Looking back on the past five years, Suntech Equipment started from scratch, step by step, and developed rapidly in small steps. The plant area expanded from 3200 square meters in the beginning to 15000 square meters five years later. The number of personnel has expanded from the initial few to more than 100 now. The output value has also doubled year by year. In the past five years, we have experienced countless sleepless nights, various challenges and difficulties, which have been accompanied by Suntech Equipment's growth. Today, Suntech Equipment is becoming more and more mature in the challenge. We can also be proud to say that Suntech Equipment deserves the trust of employees, customers and suppliers.


  Suntech Equipment emphasizes the concept and principle of "people-oriented" and attaches importance to the development of every employee. Suntech Equipment is the strongest backing of every employee, and every employee is also the most valuable wealth of the company. On the 5th anniversary, Suntech Equipment issued Medal of remembrance to the employees who have been working for 5 years. Shareholders who joined Suntech Equipment in the initial stage were also rewarded with cash bonus. We appreciated their efforts for laying a solid foundation for the growth and development of the company.


  Since its development, Suntech Equipment has adhered to the business philosophy of ‘winning with high quality, virtue takes priority’, and the enterprise spirit of ‘concentration, unity, innovation and all-win’. ‘Winning with high quality’ is to do a good job in product quality in a down-to-earth manner. ‘Virtue takes priority’ means to cast character in the product. Suntech Equipment has been doing this for five years. Suntech Equipment's growth and development do not depend on someone or several people, but on the team and everyone. Therefore, our enterprise spirit is ‘concentration, unity, innovation and all-win’. Concentration is to do only one thing in your life, that is to fabricate nonferrous metal pressure vessels well; Unity is the team spirit, which is to think and work together to form a team force; Innovation is the internal driving force of enterprise development, and innovation is not all vigorous invention and creation. The improvement of a tiny detail and a process are all innovation. This continuous improvement will make the enterprise go far; All-win is to let our shareholders, customers and employees win together. In the future, Suntech Equipment will strive to provide global customers with high-quality non-ferrous metal vessels, and aim to become an invisible champion in the non-ferrous metal equipment manufacturing industry. Our company will strive for a higher level by creating a better performance, fostering more talents and fabricating better equipment.


  Looking back at the past five years, we worked hard together to harvest fruitful results. Looking forward to the coming five years, by holding our original intention and mission, Suntech Equipment will continue to provide our customers with high-quality services with professional technology and ability, and create a new chapter for Suntech Equipment!



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