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202205010- Zirconium equipment of Xinjiang Project with 40,000 tons of formaldehyde completed and delivered

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We are fortunate to design and manufacture two sets of zirconium TOX reactor reboiler for a polyformaldehyde project in Xinjiang.  

TOX reactor reboiler is one of the core equipment of the whole plant.  Zirconium R60702 is used as the main raw material of reboiler because of harsh medium environment.  Zirconium material equipment welding requirements are high, manufacturing difficulty, coupled with the heat exchanger itself is larger, tube plate using zirconium R60702/ Titanium TA1/ carbon steel explosive composite material, and the diameter is close to 2000mm, cladding zirconium R60702 thickness is more than 10mm.  

This increases the difficulty of explosive recombination of tubesheet.  At the same time, the welding and manufacturing difficulties of these two equipment also lie in:  

1、Test the welding environment by phenylene winding test;  

2、all pressure welded joints adopt full penetration structure;  

3、100%RT inspection of weld surface;  

4、The tube head and tube plate of the equipment are anodized;  

5、before the hydraulic test with 0.4~ 0.5mpa compressed air check the opening reinforcement plate weld;  

6、Magnetic particle or penetration inspection is carried out on the surface of the equipment shell;  

7、The CI- content of soft water used for hydraulic test of equipment shall not exceed 25mg/L;  





During the eight-month design, manufacturing and inspection process, we overcame many difficulties, including the COVID-19 pandemic, power cuts and other difficulties, and stood up to the inspection of costitron owners and third parties, and finally realized the smooth delivery.  

This project tested the ability and execution of the team, and also made the company and Costron to deepen cooperation on future projects Solid foundation.  



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