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What are the characteristics of the structure design of titanium pressure vessels?

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Because the properties of titanium pressure vessel and titanium alloy materials have many similarities or similarities with steel, the basic design criteria, and three failure forms are considered in the GB150-2011 titanium alloy heat exchanger, namely strength failure, stiffness failure, and stability failure, are also applicable to titanium equipment. At present, in addition to the Russian special titanium equipment strength calculation standards, other countries, such as ASME, JIS, and steel pressure elements standards, using the same calculation formula. Let me bring you some introduction about titanium pressure vessels.

Here is the content list:

  • The properties of titanium

  • Structural design features of titanium pressure vessels

  • Requirements for the manufacture of titanium pressure vessels

The properties of titanium

In practice, the heat transfer effect of the titanium alloy heat exchanger has a great relationship with the material and process characteristics of the heat exchanger. In the process of material concentration, solute or impurities often deposit, precipitate and crystallize on the heated surface to form a scale layer, which affects heat transfer; Some solutes are heat-sensitive and are susceptible to deterioration if they stay too long at high temperatures; titanium pressure vessel has greater corrosion or higher viscosity and so on.

Titanium pressure vessel is made of high-quality titanium tube. In terms of physical properties, titanium tube has many advantages such as lightweight and superior mechanical properties. Some steels are stronger than titanium alloys, but the specific strength (the ratio of tensile strength to density) of titanium alloys is higher than that of high-quality steel.

Structural design features of titanium pressure vessels

1. When the titanium pressure vessel is designed, its structure must be simple, easy to clean the surface near the weld, easy to use inert gas to protect the drag cover, protect the weld and the front and back of the heat-affected zone.

2. Industrial pure titanium and titanium pressure vessel or each other can be welded, but not with other metals fusion welding. When connecting with other metals, only bonding, brazing, explosive welding, and bolting can be used.

3. Titanium pressure vessel has obvious cold creep property, so it is not suitable for equipment requiring strict shape.

4. The impact toughness of the titanium pressure vessel is low, so the continuity of structure and the smoothness of weld should be maintained to avoid stress concentration as far as possible.

5. Titanium plastic deformation range is narrow, and there is obvious work hardening phenomenon, titanium pressure vessel bending and flanging should usually use a larger bending radius, tube expansion with a smaller expansion rate.

6. Titanium in some media prone to crevice corrosion, in the design of the treatment of these titanium pressure vessels, should avoid cracks and retention areas; Using welding instead of bolt connection, riveting and accounting; Or use crevice resistant titanium alloy or layer on the sealing face of the flange joint.

Requirements for the manufacture of titanium pressure vessels

The manufacture of titanium pressure vessels and their pressure elements must have a special manufacturing workshop and special tooling, no may be mixed with ferrous metal products or other products. The work site should be kept clean and dry, and dust should be strictly controlled. Processing and forming equipment and welding equipment should meet the needs of titanium metal, surface mechanical damage, and splash must be strictly controlled. Special tools for titanium pressure vessels should be specially kept, and try to avoid using iron and carbon steel tools, especially steel wire brushes. The rolling machine cylindrical surface should be cleaned, or in the roll plate in titanium plate. Cover with a thin layer of galvanized iron sheet or stainless steel sheet or plastic film protects the titanium plate surface. When titanium pressure vessel does not add jade, with plastic bags or plastic cloth cover. All titanium processing personnel shall be trained, tested, and certified. Mount guard. And wear clean work clothes, Gloves, rubber shoes, or shoes with soft soles to avoid scratching titanium surfaces.

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