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Use of nickel alloy tanks

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Nickel alloy tank project is the petroleum, chemical, grain and oil, food, fire, transportation, metallurgy, national defense, and other industries essential infrastructure, our economic life is always inseparable from the large and small nickel alloy tanks, pinch alloy storage tanks in the development of the national economy plays an important role is irreplaceable. So do you know what nickel alloy tanks are? Read on.

Here is the content list:

l What is the use of Nickel alloy tanks?

l How to test and maintain Nickel alloy tanks?

l What are the heating characteristics of the new Nickel alloy tank?

What is the use of Nickel alloy tanks?

Nickel alloy tank is the storage container for long-distance oil and gas pipeline transport medium. The storage tank at the first station of the pipeline is used to collect and store oil and ensure the stability of the pipeline transmission volume, while the storage tank at the end station is used to receive and reserve incoming oil and provide it to the oil-using units. The storage tanks at the end gate stations of gas transmission pipelines are mainly used for peaking of city gas and are gradually being replaced by underground gas storage and pipeline gas storage.

How to test and maintain Nickel alloy tanks?

1.For the storage of flammable gas, flammable liquid nickel alloy tanks, should be equipped with the necessary fire-fighting equipment, it is strictly prohibited to smoke in nickel alloy tanks, open flame lighting, heating, as well as its ignition sources into the tank area.

2.the storage of flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, and other media nickel alloy tanks, should strictly enforce the relevant provisions of the management of dangerous goods.

3.Nickel alloy tank inspection and repair must be disconnected from the power supply of electrical equipment related to the tank, you must handle the equipment handover procedures.

4.Nickel alloy tank internal media exhaust, should close the inlet and outlet valves or add blind isolation and its connected pipelines and equipment, and has a clear sign of isolation.

5.for containing flammable, corrosive, toxic, or asphyxiating media nickel alloy tanks, must be replaced, neutralization, disinfection, cleaning, and other treatments, and after the treatment of analytical testing, the analysis results should meet the relevant norms, standards. Flammable media is strictly prohibited with air replacement.

6.Nickel alloy tank operations must be for the tank work permit. For a longer period to continue operations, should be reapplied to the tank operation permit.

What are the heating characteristics of the new Nickel alloy tank?

1. Nickel alloy tank can be heated quantitatively for viscous liquid, how much heating is needed.

2. The viscous liquid will not have local high temperature and charring, ensuring the quality of the viscous liquid and the heat transfer efficiency of the heater.

3. The highest temperature of the outlet in the nickel alloy tank ensures the liquidity of the poured viscous liquid.

4. Avoid repeated heating of the viscous liquid in the nickel alloy tank, which ensures the color of the viscous liquid and reduces the cost of viscous liquid treatment.

5. Long service life, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, high-pressure resistance, anti-scaling function, greatly improving the overall performance of the heat exchanger.

6. Advanced design of the process structure ensures the smooth flow of viscous liquid and better "pumping the bottom of the tank".

7. Automatic control can be achieved, according to the viscous liquid in and out of the temperature and pouring oil flow control the amount of steam feed.

8. Compact structure, easy installation, and maintenance will not affect the safety of the nickel alloy tank because of the installation of the heater. Compared with the U-tube heat exchanger, in the same heat transfer area: vortex hot film heat exchanger external size, only about one-half of the U-tube heat exchanger external size.

Our types of nickel alloy tanks are checked in terms of quality before the final supply, which is also sold in bulk as they are popular in this arena. Nanjing Suntech Metal Equipment Co., Ltd. provides nickel alloy tanks to valuable clients which are made of high-quality material, where our offered product is customized as per the client's requirements.



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