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Rectangular Scrubbers Finished Fabrication for EGC Application

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         In August of Nanjing, the heat is like a dormant fire dragon hovering in this industrial town, for a long time, refusing to leave. In the factory of Suntech Metal Equipment, shop workers have been fighting for two months to fabricate a batch of desulfurization scrubbers for exhaust gas cleaning (EGC) under such high temperatures.


         This is a batch of desulfurization scrubbers are very difficult to fabricate. The towers are 9.5 meters high, 4.6 meters long and 3 meters wide. The materials are made of duplex stainless steel S32205 and pure titanium. Generally speaking, towers are in cylindrical structure. This time, the desulfurization scrubbers undertaken by Suntech Metal equipment are cuboid, which means that the difficulty of assembly, welding and inspection increases a lot. As far as materials are concerned, duplex stainless steel and titanium are different from ordinary stainless steel, and the requirements for welding technology are very high.  Facing tight delivery time and difficulty in fabrication, the Suntech team worked hard to overcome difficulties. To shorten delivery time, we implemented a two-shift plan to guarantee the fabrication period. Workers experienced several weeks of reversal of mornings and nights. Argon arc welding workshop is a well-known sauna room, because flowing air is not permitted in the welding area during argon arc welding. To guarantee welding quality, Suntech welders worked under the high temperature without complaints. Sweat soaked the work clothes again and again until layers of salt condensate on the blue clothes. However, faith came to mind again and again, just to achieve one promise to Suntech’s customers. Through two months of unremitting efforts, the square desulfurization tower was finally completed and delivered to foreign customers on schedule.


        In the process of accomplishing this arduous task, Suntech people once again practiced our iron will to conquer hardships and overcome difficulties, and the team spirit of working and fighting together.


       At this moment, Nanjing is still under the blazing sun. However, in the eyes of Suntech people, it is a clear sky with light clouds and breeze!



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